Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I remember it. It was one rainy night; we drove the same familiar way we always did.
She tried to see something behind the blurry front window, trying to rise above her despair from this weather and shitty ride.
I was busy taking several cellular pictures of her radio-tape, playing that song.
I was hypnotized to the blue letters on the screen.
That song was so suitable to that frame & situation, that only after it ended, I realized I know it, even though I didn’t pay much attention to it before.

This morning candy is dedicated to this friend of mine, who always manages to surprise me with this music thing of her & always know what the right song is…

This is Telepopmusik in "close"

I don’t put a smile upon your face no more
I can’t make your heart shine like it did before
You don’t listen to my stories anymore
You can’t comfort me the way you did before
Was I too loud,
was I too bad
Was I too open
Was I too high,
was I too fast
Was I too close?


At 8:04 AM , Anonymous me said...

love you always


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